About LASA

LASA Arabians started over 30 years ago with Linda and Sandy (SR Horse Training). Linda bought breeding horses with Sandy's advice on getting a well-balanced, correct, great-minded Arabian. Sandy would train and show, while Linda preferred to ride the trails. Linda loved the purebred Arabians, while Sandy preferred the Arabian x Quarter Horse. Linda's passion at the time was to breed the best black Arabians money could buy. She learned about genetics, and how to better the quality of her horses using quality non-blacks that had the ability to produce the black colour.

Linda's ultimate dream was to own and breed quality, Straight Egyptian (SE), homozygous blacks. After all this time, Linda's dream has been realized. She now owns three Straight Egyptian homozygous blacks.

Linda now has a new partner, Lorna, whom also owns a quality SE, homozygous black stallion. This partnership will be offering one or two SE homozygous blacks per year.


LASA Horses - Eastern Gems in the West. Please contact me for information regarding my Straight Egyptian Arabian horses - homozygous black! Especially if you live in western North America - British Columbia, Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge), Washington, Montana, Oregon.




LASA Homozygous Black Straight Egyptian Arabians

LASA Horses is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
One hour north of the Sweetgrass, Montana border
E-mail: lasahorses@hotmail.com